Tiffany Maintenance Inc

Originally incorporated in 1985, Tiffany Maintenance is one of the great companies established under the SEBCO umbrella. Tiffany is responsible for resolving many of the day-to-day repairs needed in SEBCO’s vast portfolio of properties. SEBCO’s concept behind creating Tiffany was to take advantage of the tremendous wealth of talented yet underemployed craftsmen in our community.  As such, Tiffany maintenance prides itself in being a true community- based company, which employs a wide variety of skill level positions. 

Tiffany gives their employee’s the opportunity to constantly improve their construction related skills, which increases their value in the market place and in turn brings them more financial freedom. 

Tiffany maintenance utilizes a computerized work order tracking system to efficiently handle all of management’s maintenance issues and tenant repair requests. The quality of the work performed as well as the level of professionalism is second to none with special attention being paid to tenant related issues (maintenance in occupied apartments). 

Tiffany also constantly monitors janitorial related issues at all of our building locations to ensure that proper procedures are followed at all times. Appearance as well as functionality is the goal of every day work at Tiffany and the standards are raised on a daily basis to ensure that “Quality Is Job One”.

864 Southern Blvd. Bronx, NY 10459   
P:718.542.5560    F:718.542.8405